NHS England has described the care.data service as:‘…a new, modern data system for the NHS in England. Known as care.data, its purpose will be to provide timely, accurate information to citizens, clinicians and commissioners about the treatments and care provided by the NHS. The aims of the care.data programme are six-fold: first, to support patients’choice; second, to advance customer services; third, to promote greater transparency; fourth, to improve outcomes; fifth, to increase accountability; and finally to drive economic growth by making England the default location for world-class health services research. The underlying data within care.data will all be collected routinely as part of the care process. For the first time, these data will be linked for patients nationwide along their entire continuum of health and social care.’ The intention is to expand Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) to form Care Episode Statistics (CES) by incorporating and linking data across all care settings. One of the first components is the inclusion within CES of primary care data.

The dataset has been considered by a clinical informatics expert group, which included representatives from the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Any future changes to the dataset or to scope will be subject to review by the group and GP practices will be informed of any alterations.In addition, the GPES Independent Advisory Group (IAG) has approved the proposal. Further information on the IAG, including its membership, is available on the Health and Social Care Information Centre website.

The BMA, NHS England, RCGP and HSCIC have jointly produced a leaflet to inform patients about these changes. This has been made available to our patients in the practice waiting room and for more information you can visit



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