Well Baby/Immunisation

The Doctor is available for developmental checks.
Immunisations are given by the practice nurse by an appointment.
It is important that all babies and children are immunised. Illnesses such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio are now thankfully rare but if contracted can be crippling or even fatal therefore we strongly advice to keep Immunisations appointments’ for  babies and avoid canceling appointments where possible


Post Natal examination are carried out by the doctor at 8 weeks together with baby checks and booked in advance by the Practice.



Minor Surgery

We provide cryotherapy, excision of minor skin lesions, joint injections and aspirations as appropriate.

Family Planning, Well Women checks, Smears and HRT

We offer a range of contraceptive services including IUCDs and emergency contraception. Cervical smears and well woman checks including pre conceptual advice & HRT are done during normal surgery hours by appointment.

Well Person Checks

All patients are offered a health check. If you are between 16-74 years of age a health check is available every three years, if over 75 years this is offered yearly. All checks by appointment.

Chronic Disease Management

This includes Diabetes, Asthma, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, TIA/Stroke, COPD, Epilepsy, Mental Health, Cancer and Obesity.  Early detection and correct management can reduce the risk of complications.

Travel advice and vaccinations

If traveling abroad, vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis may be required. You will be required to complete the Travel Vaccination Form before booking an appointment with a Practice Nurse at least 6 weeks prior to travel.