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Welcome to Cedars Medical Centre. Our team aims to provide healthcare with courtesy, care and efficiency, referring you, where necessary, to colleagues in the primary health care team or hospital sector. We also encourage the role you can play in maintaining a good state of health by looking after yourself, by eating and drinking sensibly, taking regular exercise, and stopping smoking if you do smoke.

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Cedars Medical Centre is a Training Practice and it is not always possible to see the same GP.




AccuRx is a new software where the Practice can communicate with patients via SMS, we can leave you a message regarding appointment bookings, health advice, blood results etc.

If you feel as if you would not  like to be part of this new service, PLEASE INFORM RECETPION staff so we are aware you do not consent the use of accuRxand can exclude you from the service.


Why is it important to use patient data?

There is huge potential to use patient data for care and to improve health, care and services across the NHS. The information can be used to help:

  • improve individual care
  • understand more about disease
  • improve diagnosis
  • develop new treatments
  • plan NHS services
  • improve patient safety
  • evaluate government and NHS policy.

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