Blood Test

How can I book a blood test?

If you have been asked to have a blood test, we run phlebotomy clinics Wednesday to Friday from 9AM to 1PM, please call us 020 8429 9595 to book. You may also sometimes receive a text message from us that will allow you to self-book into a clinic.

If you feel like you need a blood test, you will need to first book an appointment with us to discuss with a GP and/or complete a PATCH

How can I discuss my results?

Please be aware that we can only discuss results that we have requested. If your consultant has requested your results, you will need to contact your consultant to request these.

If we have requested a blood test, and we need to discuss the results with you, we will contact you directly.

If you are not contacted by us, but you still would like to discuss your results, you will need to contact us to book an appointment to speak with a GP. Or if you would just like a copy of your blood results, you can view these on the NHS App, Patient Access and/or you can request a copy via Patchs or email us

Please be aware, when checking the NHS app for test results, these can sometimes be uploaded by the laboratory prior to a GP at the surgery having the opportunity to review the results. Please keep this in mind prior to contacting us.

Please note that in Hillingdon doctors cannot request MRI / CT Scans