Travel Information & Immunisations

We offer a travel advice and immunisations services.

If you are travelling abroad we ask that you carry out the following prior to booking your appointment:

  • Please obtain a copy of your immunisation history via the Patient Online Access portal (if you are registered). Alternatively, request a copy of this at reception

    Please check the immunisations that you need for your trip on the following websites:
  • Fit for Travel
  • Travel Health Pro
  • Please complete the Travel Pre-Assessment form (a copy can also be obtained from reception)

The information can be used to determine if an appointment is needed.

If you do need vaccinations we advise you to book at least 6 weeks in advance in order to ensure vaccinations are effective for the time of travelling.

Please note there is a charge for some vaccinations and travel assessment. Please speak to a member of the reception team to find out the up to date information and complete the travel assessment form that are available from reception or download the form here (please attach form here).